Monday, January 31, 2005

Gosh, we're becoming strange in this cold New Hampshire weather. We have had so many gazillion-below zero days this winter, and it was in the twenties today. So for recess we went outside in our shorts and tank tops and started rolling around in the snow. The neighbors looked at us funny. I don't know why.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

We didn't go to church for the third week in a row!!! The week before last, my dad just had surgery and my brother came down with the chicken pox. Last week we had a big snow storm and spent all morning shoveling snow. This morning my mom felt rotten. I hope we can go next week!

I just found out that one of my best friends is moving to China for a couple of years. Her dad got a big promotion that involves working in China. Why China?!?! Of all places, half-way around the world. My friend doesn't want to move, they went there for a two week trial. She said it was so different, and confusing. One funny thing is that they went to a McDonald's and it was done up like a 5-star restaurant. It was a two-story building with marble staircases and floors. Probably the only good thing about them moving is that we will consider visiting them.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

We went on a really cool walk today. It was really sunny today, (and we have snow) and the temperature was in the teens - so it was really warm to us because we have had so much below-zero weather. We walked to the boat launch, and walked half way across the lake to a little island. We explored the island for a little bit, then walked back.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

I am still so tired today. I don't know why. It was probably because I had a really weird dream. I dreamt that I got my kidney biopsy, and the problem was that they found air bubbles in my kidneys. So I had to have major surgery to have the air bubbles squeezed out of my kidneys. It was really weird. It reminded me of my Grama who had a dream that she had tooth cancer.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I am sooo tired. I skied a lot today, we had fresh powder that became really choppy and hard after it was skied on for a while. My legs were screaming so loudly, I bet everyone at the mountain could hear them. When we got home, I plopped on the sofa and died - only to some back to life to go to dance, because it would be kind of odd for my mom to drag around a dead corpse and try to make it dance. I think I'm trying to fight off the chicken pox.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I had an orthodontist appointment this afternoon. One of my teeth REALLY hurts. It feels like I have approximatly twenty-three cavities in it - even though I don't. I was able to eat, it's just a wee bit painful. Afterwards, we went to the King Arthur Flour store. I bought this really cool denim apron. It's really soft and comfy.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Ballet was fun today. There were only five of us. We started learning our dance for the recital! We have awesome costumes, but the music is lame. The theme for the recital is a circus type thing, and the music sounds like something a seven year old would dance to. But the dance (from what we have learned so far) is pretty good. I hope I can move up to the more advanced ballet class next year. I have been in this same class forever. Also, this is my tenth year of dancing! Yeah, I get an award and everything.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

We didn't go to church this morning because we got a lot of snow overnight. It finally looks like winter up here!!! Texas stole all of our snow over the holidays, meanie Texas. But I have forgiven it. Anyhoo, we spent most of the morning shoveling snow. It was so much fun to play in. We have a little wood storage thingy in our yard that is about six or seven feet tall that is really fun to jump off of. Of course, you would have to be extremely crazy and somewhat odd to jump off of it in the summer. But when there's snow on the ground, it's like landing on a cloud.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

We went to Concord for my brother's 10th birthday. It's a bit late (his birthday was earlier this month), but his chicken pox and my dad's back surgery sort of got in the way of things. We went to Target, and of course, Toys R Us. I have pretty much out grown Toys R Us, but I saw so many things that I would have wanted when I was six years old. All of the Barbie and girlie dress up kind of stuff. The only thing that I saw that I like now were the Legos. I love Legos.

Friday, January 21, 2005

I don't know what it is, but I feel like I could stay in bed forever on school days, but on the weekends and days off, I don't really sleep in. I think I just want to stay in bed if there's something going on, but I don't see the point of staying in bed if there isn't anything to do. Uhh...That doesn't really make any sense. But that is sort of how my mind works, so you are honored to have just read this. That was my daily gift of wisdom to you.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Ugh! I am sooo tired. I skied for about four hours today, and I had jazz. I also just found out that the hospital rescheduled me AGAIN for my kidney biopsy. It's all because my brother has chicken pox. Since I've been exposed to it, they don't want me spreading the germs around. I have been vaccinated, but so has my brother, and we still don't know who he was around that had it. It's been a week since he first got it. I hope I don't get it. But now the hospital rescheduled me for February, and my Doctor wanted this thing done about a month ago.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Well, it's Monday. The wonderful weekend is over, rest time has ended, and now it's back to school. Sigh. My friends who go to school have the day off because of Martin Luther King Day. I still had to do school, but it wasn't too bad. My brother is still trying to recover from his chicken pox, I really don't want to get it. My dad is still recovering from back surgery, and I am awaiting my kidney biopsy on Friday. This evening we were hanging around the kitchen table and coloring our Make a Plate kits. I have drawn a tropical paradise on one, and a big spiderweb on the other. I don't know when we'll mail them, but I can't wait!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

We didn't go to church today because of Stephen's chicken pox, and because my dad just had back surgery. I was itchy all night just thinking about chicken pox, and worrying that I have it. It's probably a good thing that we didn't go to church because my false-itchyness kept me up most of the night. So I slept in really late, and stayed in my pajamas all day - even when we went outside for a walk.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Nothing interesting happened yesterday, so I am just going to do an entry today! My brother Stephen hasn't been feeling well for the past couple of days, and he got these weird blister things all over him. My mom took him to the Doctor this morning, and he has chicken pox! We were all vaccinated for it, but he still got it! I really don't want to get chicken pox because you have to stay isolated from everybody until your pox crust over - which sounds really disgusting. And that would temporarily ruin my life.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

I did school, until me and my mom went to Concord to get a computer for my dad. We got him one of those tiny Apple notebooks. It's really cute. They had a lot of other cool computers in there too. Then we went to Target, and went to the mall to get TCBY, then went home.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Well, I was supposed to have my kidney biopsied today, but they canceled me at the last minute! They claimed that they had too many emergency people, and the anesthesiologist wasn't there. I ended up going there, but only to talk to the Doctor. He explained everything he was going to do, and the anesthesia sounds kind of weird. It sounds like you can dream while you're under. I thought I was going to be awake during the whole thingy, but noooo. They want me dead - well, they'll make sure I'm breathing and that my heart keeps beating. I have no problem going under anesthesia, it actually sounds less painful. Because you can still feel a little something (when the needle harpoons into your kidney) when you just get a shot of numbing stuff.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Our neighbor had an old dog that had been missing since Christmas. And after a few days, they just assumed he was dead. But when me and my brothers went for a walk in the woods, we found the dog huddled under a tree! I stood there for about a minute wondering how he survived without all of his medications and everything! The dog was much skinnier (well, he was kind of fat to begin with, oh and by the way, the dog's name is Lou) and still had his collar on. So I told my brothers to stay with Lou, and I ran back to our house as fast as I could. My mom was running errands, and my dad couldn't really do anything because he had back surgery yesterday. He couldn't beleive Lou was alive either! I grabbed a sled and ran back into the woods. We were able to sort of scooch Lou on the sled - the poor dog has bad arthritis, and not being treated for it for the past couple of weeks, it was kind of hard for him to move.

When we got back home, my dad left a message for our neighbors (they weren't home) and we put a blanket on Lou and gave him some food and water. When my mom came home, we called the vet and they couldn't believe he was alive. We took him to the vet and they were amazed at how thin he was. Later we got a call from our neighbors (they are an older couple) saying how glad they were that we found him and stuff like that. They'll probably have to put him to sleep soon, but I am glad that they'll be able to say goodbye to him now.

Monday, January 10, 2005

My dad's surgery went well. In fact we kind of forget that he just had surgery this morning because he is doing so well. He is walking around a lot, and talking and eating (of course). Even when we went to the hospital to see him, he was fine. But he is home now, and is eating his recovery food: chocolate.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

The church play went okay. I actually don't think it went very well, but my parents and a lot of the audience said it was great. Well, what else can they say? But I am glad I don't have to practice lines, or practice the play, or stress about the whole thing. I was kinda glad it was over.

My dad is having back surgery tomorrow. Both my mom and him have to get up before 6:00, because he has to be at the hospital at 6:30. Fortunately the hospital is five minutes away. My mom had her surgery at a hospital that was about forty-five minutes away, that was a little harder.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

We went to church to have a play rehearsal. The play is tomorrow. Dun-dun-duuuunnnn! That was supposed to be music of doom. Anyway, the play rehearsal went well, we rehearsed things. But we have everything set up for the play, and costumes picked out, and hopefully everybody knows their lines!

Friday, January 07, 2005

We went back to our "hidden pond" in the woods. We call it Bubba Pond, after our perfect dog. We took a couple of shovels, and me and my brothers cleared some of the snow off of it. The pond is really cool. There is a birch tree that leans over the pond, it's pretty much parallel to the face of the pond. It's really fun, because you can climb on it and take a nap. We also have a tree fort on Bubba Pond. There is an ever-green tree that is right on the shore, and some of the branches swoop down on the pond. So we put some more branches on to make a better roof, and put some snow around the ground of the fort. It's really cool.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

We were supposed to go to church this morning. My mom woke up early to her radio alarm clock, and the radio was announcing the closing of all of the local schools because of the whether. So my mom assumed that the whether was too snowy to drive all the way to church. But then she got up an hour later to see a little powdered sugar on the ground. We cold have gone to church! Oh well.

We went on a really cool night walk. We found a hidden pond in our woods, and it's frozen and everything. We hung out there for a while, then went through the woods to another larger pond, and walked across that and then walked home. It was really cool, because it was snowing the whole time.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

My legs are jelly right now. I went skiing today - for the first time this season. I was skiing from 11:30 this morning till 3:30 this afternoon. It was a lot of fun. I got new skis and ski boots a few months ago, so the boots are really stiff. I have really sensitive big toes anyway, so my poor little big toes were dying. Then I had a dance class a couple hours after that. So I am set to go to bed now, and not get up until noon tomorrow. Except we have church tomorrow morning, so that apparently won't work out.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I am back from Rochester. I actually got back yesterday. It was a lot of fun. We got to my friend's (her name is Maria) Yia Yia's house really late on Thursday. We went to the mall on Friday, and stayed up really late that night to watch the ball drop on TV. It is always kind of disappointing to watch it on TV, because you only see this tiny little sparkley thing falling down the side of a building. And on New Year's Day, me and Maria went to see a movie. We saw The Incredibles. It was really good. Then, later that day, we went to one of Maria's many Greek relatives for a little New Year's party. It was okay. It was mostly older people. On Sunday we drove back home. It was extremely icy, and there were tons of car accidents. We weren't in one, fortunately. Then traffic got really bad. We were stuck in a line of cars, about a mile long, not moving. For two hours!! I was so glad to get out of the car. When we got back to Maria's house, the whether was too bad for my parents to come and get me, so I had to stay another night at Maria's house. My mom picked me up the next morning, and I am glad to be home.

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