Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The competition was awesome! The girl with the injured knee healed in time to dance, so that was good. There was a couple of dramas (that fortunately didn't have to do with us). There was this dance where the dancers were blind folded. And guess what happens when you're blind folded? You fall off the stage! Yes, this girl fell off the stage. She didn't hit a judge, or hurt herself too badly, because she hopped back on the stage and started dancing again. Then there was another girl who puked on stage. She ran off, and the other girls finished the dance, and another girl accidentally put her hand in the puke. Ugh. They cleaned it up after the dance. The Junior Company got some pretty sweet awards. We got a Gold, and the highest in our category (jazz, age 13-14 is our category). And that's not all. We got the highest overall small group in our age!!! There were about 13 other numbers in our age group. That was awesome. When they announced it, we didn't know what to do or where to go, because we didn't get anything big until then. So we were just sitting there probably looking really stupid with shocked expressions on, and a few of us wandered around until the announcer stopped that madness and called us up to the front of the stage. Then we understood. The announcer gave us a HUGE plastic trophy and we all got to say our names in the microphone. That was so cool. It was a big accomplishment for us. And we know that most of the other studios are better that us. We only have an hour and a half a week to rehearse our Junior Company number. Most other studios have much more time than that. So we really like this competition, because they understood us, and understood all of our dances. Finally! We want to go back there next year.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Well, I have another competition coming up this weekend along with another dilema. A girl in Senior Company not only does competitive dance, but also competitive gymnastics. It's called sports acro, so there are a ton of complex tricks and lifts. So anyway, this girl was practicing a back flip (which she can normally do) and landed right on her knee. She was at class the other night, but she didn't dance a whole lot and had a bad limp. So if her knee isn't better by this weekend, I might have to stand in for the Seniors again. Also, a girl in Junior company is doing model U.N. on the same weekend as the competition, so a girl in Senior Company is going to stand in for our dance. And we pretty much changed the whole entire Pirate dance. It's kind of hard to learn a 7-minute long dance in just two weeks. And we are changing the name of it, too. Instead of "Pirates of the Caribbean", it's going to be "The Battle for the Pirates Gold". The reason why we are changing the name and the whole dance is because the judges at the last competition didn't get it. Okay, there is a group of good pirates, a group of bad pirates, swords, fighting, and treasure (the two sides are obviously fighting over the treasure). How can you not get that???? We clearly interpret that in the dance. So we are making it even more clear by all of the changes. We had the same problem with one of our duets. The song is called "Bolero" (that awesome song from the second Moulin Rouge soundtrack), and I guess Bolero was an opera or something, so the judges have "opera" swimming around in the back or their heads and are wondering why these girls are doing a modern dance to it, and why there's no story being told. So they are just going to have to change the name of the duet. These judges seem to need every dance to interpret a story. I don't understand that. I just think a dance needs to be well choreographed and fun to watch. Hopefully the judges at the next competition won't be as obsessed with stories.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

I forgot to tell you something really funny about the competition. I know that you guys are probably tired of reading about dance, but oh, well. Anyway, there is this girl from my studio, who's name is Deschenes (it's pronounced "Deshane"). She's from Canada, so that would explain the spelling thing. At competitions, there is an announcer who announces the number and style of dance. And if you're doing a solo, the announcer says your name too. So sometimes the announcers have a little trouble pronouncing Deschenes's name. At this one, the announcer guy said "Please welcome to the stage (awkward pause) Deshesnes!" We were laughing so hard afterwards. Deshesnes. He pronounced it just how I spelled it in the last sentence. You have to read it carfully - he added an extra "s" before the "n". He totally butchered a pretty name. I had my name mispronounced once. I thought it was impossible. But I was at a convenience store, and donated a dollar to muscular dystrophy at the register, and signed the green shamrock thing they give you. And as most of you know, my name is pronounced "ivy", like the plant, except I spell my name "Ivey". So anyway, I give the shamrock thing back to the lady behind check out desk, and she says "Is that pronounced Ivay?" She obviously mistook the "ey" in my name for a long "a" sound. So I said "No, you silly little girl..." just kidding, I just pitied her and left.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The competition was sooo much fun!!! I've never had more fun dancing in our Jr. Company number. And for the first time in my life, people started clapping during the dance. One part when we did some lifts, and another part where we line up and do a bunch of cool ripples. We met some really nice people (from a different studio) back stage, they were supporting us and were really friendly. We got a High Silver award, same as last time. Pirates of the Caribbean got a High Silver too. At this competition, they had codes for the different studios. For example, we were studio H, and before you go on stage, the announcer announces the dance and studio code. Studio K was probably the best studio. They did sooo many tap numbers that were awesome. They did one tap dance to the song "Black Betty", they did one called "Percussion and Strings" which was really good, and there was this cool part where they went off stage, and got out fake violins and bows and tapped around with them, pretending to play them. Then at the end, they all tossed up their props and fell down (on purpose, of course). It was so cool. It was kind of funny, because there were probably 25 girls, and one guy. It seems like every studio except ours has guy dancers. It's not fair, because they can be really good - especially with tap. Also hip-hop. The thing with hip-hop is that it's really fun to do, but if done wrong, girls look kinda nasty dancing hip-hop. But then lyrical is really pretty on girls, but looks rather feminine when guys do it. There was this one guy who did a lyrical solo. He was really good, but the "cool" thing for guys is to dance lyrical topless. It just kind of adds to the awkwardness of "masculine" lyrical.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about the vocal. Yes, there was a singing division at this competition. It was hilarious. It was this 12 year old boy who's voice hasn't changed yet, so he sounded like a girl. He sang the song "One Moment in Time", and I've never heard that song before, but he kind of ruined it. He was off most of the time, then all of a sudden he would just BELT something out. I had my head buried in my program, laughing so hard that I was in tears. I hope nobody else heard me. I was fortunate that I didn't put on my make up yet, because I would have cried it all off. It was worse than American Idol auditions. But besides the vocal, It was a fun competition.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

I have another dance competition to go to today. Actually only the Senior group numbers are today, the Junior group number and all of the solos and duets are tomorrow. So it's a two day competition. Most of the Junior company is going down (the competition is in Holyoke Mass.) today to cheer for the Senior Company, 'cause it would be kind of disappointing to dance your butt off and have no one screaming for you. At our last competition, the JAWS studio only clapped and screamed for their own students. And if someone else who wasn't at their studio was on stage, the JAWS people would just start talking and laughing. And pretty loud too, one of the girls from our studio had to "shush" them. I hope we don't encounter them again. It's almost time to go, check back in a couple days to see how it went!

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